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  • Zachary Kunstman

First ZFMKcreative Look Book Published

What is a look book?

A Look Book is a publication similar to a portfolio, but that represents products or services rather than presenting previous work. Within the context of the pages, one should understand better the mission of the brand. Usually, there is a combination of both text and vivid graphics using compelling imagery.

What can you expect in our first look book?

Being the first published ZMFKcreative Look Book, we saw an opportunity to explain the impact good design may have with online platforms.

Click any of the images in this blog post to download the whole document for a better view. Happy reading!

Telling Your Story

Every person has their own set of stories gathered through moments in their life and like people, businesses and organizations have a collection of these moments. With each business competing for customers, sharing this narrative has become an essential element in inviting new and keeping current customers. Our publication focuses strongly on the power of telling your business or organization's story through powerful and thought out posts across online platforms.

Two Coffee Shops

Regardless of the type of business or organization, there will always be a competitor, each with their own story. The question is, which one is telling it with frequent and vibrant posts? This spread is meant to show the difference between you and your competitor. Which one would you stand behind? Which one are you? Your business is great! Let's show the world just how great.


It can be overwhelming to decide where to begin as there are so many ways to help your business grow. This page describes how design may influence your bottom line and the many ways we may be there to help. Take some of the pressure off of these areas so you may focus on what you love, your business!

Ongoing Collaboration + Advice

Our firm works with businesses at every stage of their marketing development and can integrate the work already published with the ideas you have yet to. Our knowledge and experience combine to form an elevated conversation surrounding business goals while providing our clients with the latest information in the industry. Check out some of the brands we have collaborated with and let ZFMKcreative help depict how your story is being told.

Let's Make It Easy...

We want to make telling your story as easy as possible by creating monthly memberships with different options to help your business or organization. If you feel that you have a decent grasp on your online presence the Cyan membership may be just right. For those who never feel like they have time to do it right, one of the others may be more suitable.

Don’t need a membership? Let’s work together project by project instead. We may help with menus, print advertisements, content generation, website design and much more. Contact us to price out and develop your ideas with no month to month commitment.

Download this look book to review later.

The beauty of publications is the ability to come back to them later when you may have more time to review. Download a copy of this document here.