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Brand Strategy

A Comprehensive Approach

Identify Products and Services

Understand Business Objectives

Understand Business Mission

Determine Differences of Competitors

Discover What Customers Think

Establish Target Market

Determine Current Perception

Identify How to Evolve Perception

Develop a Color Palette

Select Type Faces

Determine the Iconography

Develop a Game Plan

Social Media Management

Online Platforms Made Easy

Grow Followers
Increase Likes on Posts
Grow Active Followers
Post Generation
Scheduled Posts
Brand Continuity Across Platforms
Build Relationships
Increase Visibility
Navigate Sponsored Posts
Post Analytics

Content Generation

Creative Expression






Basic Web Design

Document Design

Layout Design

Advertisement Design



Brand Strategy

A Comprehensive Approach

An effective brand strategy provides a business an edge in competitive markets by differentiation between your products and services from your advisories.  Strong branding tells the story of your business at its core and helps distinguish the human factor by showing how your customers related to and enjoy your products and services as they integrate these things into their daily lives.  Let's find and then tell your business's story.

Social Media Management

Online Platforms Made Easy

You know what social media is.  Managing multiple accounts can sometimes be stressful and time-consuming.  With content generation and scheduled posts, we can help limit the amount of time you spend creating content and allow you to focus on other aspects of your business.  Gain more followers, become relevant to those that already follow your business, and expand the potential of each post to your target market.

Content Generation

Creative Expression

Recognized brands and accounts with many followers have continually pushed out great content that represents their products or services while relating back to their brand strategy.  ZFMK can help with generating impeccable content to get you noticed through the creation of images, graphic design, post text, and navigating hashtags.  Your business already has great things going for you; now let’s show the world exactly what those things are.

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