DOOR COvid Coalition

Together we can get through this pandemic.

Inspired by a life-changing season altering the way visitors experience the Door Peninsula in the age of Covid-19, Door Covid Coalition was established. Each year our small community welcomes its doors to thousands of visitors from around the world. Our mission is to help local residents and visitors alike navigate the businesses and recreational areas that have implemented transparent day-to-day operational policies for Covid-19 and help those within the coalition pool their resources.


What is the Coalition

Creating a coalition of businesses that agree on foundation level day-to-day operations and how to handle linked cases (employees/patrons) may help improve everyone’s experience and increase the safety of both employees and patrons. While it can be hard at times to come to an agreement with multiple parties I believe that those who wish to partake can determine what this foundation is based on science, guidance from the state/local health departments, and the CDC. This coalition would provide the opportunity for the businesses within to pool resources and plans to better mitigate this virus while providing transparency to the public.

Each business would be presented with some kind of decal that could be displayed in their window or on their front door stating their membership. This decal would allow potential patrons to check on a website to ensure their membership is valid and to look up the policies instituted by said business. Businesses can always take additional precautions above the foundation set by the group. Stating these policies for day-to-day operations will allow patrons to understand if the employees or business is following through. The website would feature each business's logo, link to their website, and additional precautions/policies. Patrons would have the ability to make anonymous tips about violations that would be routed back to the business owner for them to handle. If a business had too many violations their membership

could be reviewed by all member businesses (to continue or temporarily postpone membership). The website would provide tools for businesses such as the procedure for linked cases, press releases, and tips of who to contact at the city, county, and state levels.

The details of this could be massaged out a bit to ensure we are setting up members for success. The heart of our Door Community businesses is the employees who make our local businesses so unique and keep people coming back. As you know, many of our employees work at more than one business so understanding what may bring something into your business from another could help prevent sick employees or having to shut down (and lose revenue) for a set period of time. When we are proactive we can ensure we are better prepared for what is ahead and hopefully lessen our losses.


Sign Up Your Business

Help us determine how to move forward and better protect your business from Covid.

We are seeking businesses, organizations, and other destinations to help us determine how to move forward as a community. If you would like to be a part of the solution in Door County please complete this form and we will send you some more information and next steps.

Signing up on the form does not require a business to be a part of this group but does allow us to communicate with you and provide information about what is happening with current member businesses/organizations. This helps you stay in the know.

Eventually, DOOR COvid Coalition will have its own website where each business will be featured with their additional policies displayed (if they want more than the standard) in addition to the ability for customers to provide feedback to the management about how they are doing based from their personal experiences.