Zachary Kunstman

Photographer / Aspiring Architect / Designer

Around the world, passion has led people to significant accomplishments and acclaim. As we move through life, we try to decipher what exactly we are passionate about and once found advocate on its behalf. In my lifetime I have been fortunate enough to discover a love for good design and a calling to help others.

Growing up along the sandy shores of Lake Michigan on the beautiful Door Peninsula, blossomed some of my passions.  A strong sense of community service, a wanting to help others, and love for community was inspired partly from growing up in the small village of Sister Bay, Wisconsin.

My passion for design began at a young age and became more evident through school and college. As a young boy, I can remember creating vast cities out of containers, cardboard cereal boxes, and things from the Hot Wheels sets on my bedroom floor that stretched from wall to wall. As I grew older, I began to notice things amid and always seemed to be awestruck by the built environment. Attaining more knowledge through my undergraduate career, I began to realize the importance of design and how it may be used to better the lives of those who come in contact with it.

My other passion with the potential to complement my design skills is a need to help and assist others. Growing up in a small community, everyone always helped those around them. We are all here on this planet together, and I believe that our passions may make it a better place when blended. Assisting others could be considered something as little as opening the door for someone or as grandiose as ensuring someone is comfortable in the built environment in which designers attribute.

In our profession, there are grand opportunities to become advocates of good design for all members of society. I am an advocate for the preservation of existing structures, incorporating sustainable components into buildings, and in designing structures that remain relevant across generations. Designers can promote these and other design practices to better the lifestyles of all people, produce meaningful design, and help preserve the environment. Good design should be made available to everyone and, it is an architect’s role to advocate, instigate, and defend the interests of the public.



Door County, WI, USA

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