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Marketing is creativity with a strategy...


We have moved

to better serve you we have moved to a new website with more to offer our clients and the communities we serve.

Brand Strategy

A Comprehensive Approach

You are unique and have products or services that could help you stand out.  Let's find your business's story and then create a way to tell the world.

Social Media Management

Online Platforms Made Easy

Gain more followers, become relevant to those that already follow your business, and expand the potential of each post to your target market.

Designing Your World

The Art of Design + Its Impact

How can your business leave a good first impression?  Good design is an artform that can make your business memorable and easy to interact with customers.

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This Apple add highlights the advancements in technology that have improved the quality of life and efficiencies we utilize in our world.

Throughout our existence, people and their ideas have continued to shift the limits of what we assume is possible. Innovations as small as the pencil have completely transformed processes while encouraging easier steps for future developments. In the 2016 MacBook Pro commercial shown above, Apple spun off this notion that as the pencil advanced many concepts, their computer will be the "tool for all the ideas to come." Two rocks create a spark at the beginning of the advertisement showing a possible origin to our fascination with fire and closer to our time light. With each second, we see other major inventions and findings as more bulbs explode; imitating how we envision a light bulb going off when someone learns something new. Apple has long been a company for making beautiful devices and with this commercial allowed their marketing to be just as innovative. With a commercial like this one, viewers may be more inclined to watch it closely each time it airs to see something they had not the time before. Good design, like ideas, bring people to the table to hear more information.

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Introducing ZFMK

Providing your business with marketing: creativity with a strategy.

ZFMK was launched in June of 2017 to offer services to help invigorate the social media presence of businesses on and beyond the Door Peninsula.  It aims at providing businesses and non-profit organizations with brand strategy, social media management, and advising to help them remain relevant in a changing marketing environment.

Brand Strategy

A Comprehensive Approach

An effective brand strategy provides a business an edge in competitive markets by differentiation between your products and services from your advisories.  Strong branding tells the story of your business at its core and helps distinguish the human factor by showing how your customers related to and enjoy your products and services as they integrate these things into their daily lives.  Let's find and then tell your business's story.

Social Media Management

Online Platforms Made Easy

You know what social media is.  Managing multiple accounts can sometimes be stressful and time-consuming.  With content generation and scheduled posts, we can help limit the amount of time you spend creating content and allow you to focus on other aspects of your business.  Gain more followers, become relevant to those that already follow your business, and expand the potential of each post to your target market.

Counsel + Advising

Guidance and Information

Our knowledge and experience combine to form an elevated conversation surrounding your goals while providing you with the latest information. Through these aspects, we can understand your objectives and advise ways to help reach these milestones.  Your business is our priority, and we want to increase the number of people following your story, which will increase your sales while further strengthening your brand.

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The Art of Design

An art that not all humans possess, the art of design can be considered a strategic approach for someone to achieve a unique expectation with specifications, parameters, activities, political, social, environmental, safety, and economic constraints. To truly furnish the best possible expectation, a designer must be able to take all constraints into consideration and determine which aspects of their approach take precedent in creating their own unique expectation.


How Design Affects You

We have only a few seconds to grab the attention of a consumer before they move on to the next thing.  Poor interface design and content has been associated with rapid rejection and mistrust of an online platform.  Good design can be the difference between someone noticing your brand and staying tuned in to learn more or searching for one of your competitors.  How can your business leave a good first impression? 

            -    Good design.    -


Content Generation

Recognized brands and accounts with many followers have continually pushed out great content that represents their products or services while relating back to their brand strategy.  ZFMK can help with generating impeccable content to get you noticed through the creation of images, graphic design, post text, and navigating hashtags.  Your business already has great things going for you; now let’s show the world exactly what those things are.

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